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Bells Of Home, the First Single from the new "Bells Of Home" Holiday CD - A Circa Blue Christmas with Dawn Kenney.

Writers: David Morris & Dawn Kenney


Bells Of Home
Morris/Kenney © 2016

Snow falling, White Christmas
But this is no silent night
Bullets flying, my buddies dying
We might not see day's first light

As shells explode around me
From the trenches my mind strays
Somewhere church bells are ringing
It's Christmas Eve a world away

Back home the fire crackles
Presents wrapped beneath the tree
Mama sings Joy to the World
That’s where I long to be

But some things are worth fighting for
I know I'm not alone
Like every soldier in a foxhole tonight
I miss the bells of home

Feet frozen, can't feel my toes
Cold rations all I have to eat
How I crave hot apple pie
My feather bed, the coal stove’s heat

But I'm at war somewhere in Belgium
The enemy draws near
Instead of peace on earth
Only the smell death and fear


Snow falling, White Christmas
And I miss the Bells Of Home