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Broken Dreams Sell Cheap
© 2011, Louisa Branscomb, Tony Rackley

I got a letter from the bank again today
said the payments on the house are way past due
I just tossed it on the pile with the other dreams
that won’t come true

All I wanted was a little house on a quiet street
live my life with the only love she’s ever known
took 30 years to build the american dream
but now....well its all gone

The sign that says for sale out in my yard
tells the story for all the world to see
another lifetime falls to pieces
broken dreams sell cheap

It wasn’t long ago I had a job that paid me good
at the factory on the other side of town
Piece by Piece I saw it all get hauled away
the day they shut it down


Someone’s put a bid on my tomorrows
nothing lasts forever now it seems
a brand new coat of paint can’t hide the sorrows
in the land of broken dreams